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(RETIRED 2022)

Laitierferme Ellie Mae

Ellie-Mae is our foundation dog who we have owned since 2015.  She has travelled around Australia with us, living in Western Australia for several years until settling with us on our family property in NSW. She is our second chocolate girl and is the “mother chook” of the household. Ellie-Mae is a very intelligent girl and enjoys all that farm life has to offer with her herding instincts kicking in when around our chooks. When water is involved, Ellie will be the first to jump in the dam for a swim, this is actually very helpful in helping to teach the younger generations confidence around water. 

D.O.B: 24/11/2015

DNA 13 Panel clear

Carries chocolate, black, Tan points, Tricolour.

Ellie-Mae: Females
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