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Glenloy Look Sharp

Baxta is our red stud boy who we were lucky enough to purchase from Glenloy Border Collies. He is one in a million, such a beautiful gentle soul who brings our family so much love. His laid-back nature means he fits in well with everyone. Baxta enjoys participating in dog sports and agility training on weekends and has produced some lovely puppies with our girl Ellie.

He has a lovley strong head, with excellent construction and great movement. 


D.O.B: 4th April 2019

Hips: 3:3

Elbow: 0:0


DNA Results: 12 Panel clear, carrier for Glaucoma. (Carrier – this means that the dog does not have the disease but carries the gene. A dog that is a carrier of a disease can be mated with another that is clear and all of the progeny from this litter will be free of the disease).

Carries: Red, Dilute, Tricolour, Tanpoints and Black.


Available for stud to approved bitches, limited frozen semen also available. 

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