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We have been very lucky to have Mack join our family from Johanna at Clanabby Border Collies in 2021. He has developed into a stunning boy with a beautiful, sweet personality. He absolutely loves to be around people, and will greet everyone with his happy wagging tail. He won't win any agility titles anytime soon with his laid back low drive but he has fun all the same! 


Health Testing

DNA Results: 11 Panel Clear, Carrier of AOD & Raine Syndrome. Carrier of Fawn/Red/Sable,

(Carrier – this means that the dog does not have the disease but carries the gene. A dog that is a carrier of a disease can be mated with another that is clear and all of the progeny from this litter will be free of developing the disease).

Hips: 0:1 Elbows: 0:0​

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