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Tess was bred by us here at Freckled Park and is the daughter of Ellie and Baxta. She is a smart little cookie who gives anything a go. She has recently completed puppy preschool which she passed with flying colours. Our Tess is a very eager learner who has plenty of confidence when learning new things and is a great little swimmer  like her mum (we can't keep her out of the pool!)

She is well constructed and has such a wonderful temperament. Tess is showing so much potential already, we will be waiting to see her bloom into the wonderful dog that we are expecting.

DNA Results: 13 Panel Clear

Carrier of Chocolate, Fawn/Red/Sable, Tricolour/ Tan points, Red and Dilute.

Hips: 3:3

Elbows: 0:0

Tess: Females
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